Mission Statement:  To provide useful, engaging information to the current and future residents of Hampton Roads, through a variety of mediums including articles, pictures, and videos. This blog is dedicated to improving your real estate experience by creating an interactive platform from which everyone can share their experiences and opinions, and receive answers to all (most? some?) of the questions many of you have.

Why?: Mostly due to the strong military presence in the region, there is a constant flow of people in and out of Hampton Roads. The nice weather, and opportunities to live on the beautiful water in the area also bring new residents from all over the country. But with so many transplants in the area (myself included) you also have a lot of questions that need answers. Questions about house prices, neighborhoods, schools, entertainment; I could go on. Over time I hope to help answer a lot of those questions. I believe that this blog can be an outstanding resource for anyone with any intention of moving to Hampton Roads. The opportunity to use video to share information has never been better. Soon video will be the main form of communication on the web, and I’d like to play a role in that. I’m positive that this blog will be a hub for information of all sorts, and with contributions from other agents, and especially from you, we’ll be able to show how truly great America’s First Region really is, and prepare our new neighbors for their next home.

About Me: Originally from New England, I moved to Hampton Roads in 2010, with my now wife, Liz.  We have two amazing dogs, a golden retriever named Brady (yes, after Tom Brady) and black lab name Daisy Mae. We enjoy taking them for long walks at many of the parks and beaches around Hampton Roads. My background before real estate was in Healthcare Administration, which I have my degree in. I worked in and around Boston in this field for about seven years before making the move south and starting my career as a real estate agent.

I love being a REALTOR. This is an amazing profession, and among the best decisions of my life. The opportunity to run my own business has been a dream of mine, and doing so under the Keller Williams name is truly an honor. A wise man once told me “If you got into real estate because you like houses, you picked the wrong profession”. More true words have never been spoken. Houses are easy to love, they cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, have endless options, and trends always fluctuate. They’re unbelievably interesting. But to be a successful REALTOR you also have to be a passionate teacher, and researcher, in order to provide the tremendous service your clients deserve. Anyone can stick a sign in the yard, and walk away hoping you’ll receive a call with an offer one day. I don’t believe this is how real estate should be practiced. I do believe the internet offers a wonderful opportunity for buyers and sellers to connect on a level which we have never seen before. Having a bunch pictures on the MLS is great, and I love virtual tours, but a walkthrough video is only second to being there. This is the future of real estate, and I believe that together we can make this blog a shining example of what the future holds.

Thank you for visiting. Please come back and comment regularly. I invite contributions from current and future residents, agents, and friends from home who just want to make me look good. Together, we can change the world of real estate. Please contact me with any direct comments, questions, or suggestions.

Cell: (757) 912-4440

email: dtortolini@roseandwomble.com


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